Our warehouse has moved back to 610 Preston Avenue!

This is the new home of our inventory. It is located very close to the mall, at 610 Preston Avenue. If you leave the mall and head toward UVA via Market Street, the road turns into Preston Avenue at the light at the bottom of the hill. You will go thru that light and thru 2 others. At the 3rd light you will pass right by the warehouse on your left. Our building is the big red brick one just before the railroad bridge and next to Reid’s Market, across from Bodo’s Bagels. After passing under the railroad bridge you must do a u-turn to the left. Our driveway is the first driveway on the right after you have passed back under the bridge. The warehouse is 610 Preston Avenue, which is next to the historic old King Lumber building, built in the mid 1800’s. If you are coming a long way, be sure and give us a call at (434)295-4757. We will meet you there!

The pictures below will take you inside and give you an idea of the treasures you can find.

We always have the door facing the street open on weekend days. You can park in front or to the right as you come in.

The old building actually looks a great deal like the warehouses we have visited in China.

These are just some of the unusual things you will find inside.

There are benches, chairs, cabinets, trunks, chests, tables and all manner of baskets, buckets and boxes to choose from. Call ahead if you want to come over during the week. We can be reached at (434) 295-4757 almost any time!